Improving performance

What you can do depends on your objectives, resources, and the products you offer. A few suggestions we have are:

  • Update your store content and layout to better engage your store visitors. Keep the content fresh and relevant.

  • Promote your store using free and paid media. Optimize performance by pausing activities that do not meet your objectives and doubling down on those that do. You can use tags to track individual marketing and advertising activities to get better visibility on their performance. Learn more about tagged sources.

  • Ensure you're getting Amazon organic traffic from your product detail pages. Your brand link at the top of the product detail page can be used to drive traffic to your store. It will increase organic traffic from customers interested in your brand. If the link does not lead to your store, contact Vendor or Seller Central support.

  • Advertise your store using Amazon Sponsored Brands ads. The shopper context and the visibility of your ad on Amazon's search results page will help drive relevant traffic to your store. See our suggestions on how to optimize your Sponsored Brands ads with Stores.