Tips for optimizing Sponsored Brands ads for Stores

Amazon Sponsored Brands ads can provide high performing traffic due to their position in Amazon search results. The way you set up the campaign can have a significant impact on its performance.

Here are a few recommendations:

  • Break out your keyword strategies to individual campaigns. Creating separate campaigns for each keyword strategy will give you visibility into how each strategy performs. This will help you make informed decisions about increasing or decreasing your bids and budgets.

    For example, if you’re promoting different product categories, create a separate campaign for each category to see their relative performance. Make sure your keywords in each of the ads are relevant to the category you are targeting. If you’re targeting keywords that contain a competitor’s brand name, separate this into a separate campaign to see how well you’re able to drive a competitor related search to your Store.

  • Make your ads clear, focused, and relevant. Strive for specificity over variety. The more specific and relevant your choices for creative assets and keyword targeting are with what you sell, the better your chances of attracting an audience that is actively searching for your brand or product.

  • Drive traffic to specific store pages. Campaigns are more successful in driving sales when they are relevant and the landing destination meets customer expectations when the customer clicks the ad. If your campaign is targeting product keywords around products that are found in a specific page in your store, you should link directly to that specific page.