Third-party mobile app traffic

Traffic from 3rd party mobile apps, be it content or ads, may result in high visitor and page view counts, but little corresponding engagement or sales.

If you have optimized your targeting and content to improve these metrics, the lower than expected performance may be due to the customer experience created by such apps. Mobile apps control how a link opens for the customer. The most common method is to open links in an app webview, which is similar to an app’s own browser. This method helps keep the customer in the app. A webview however, is not where customers normally shop on Amazon and they are often not logged in. As such, it makes it hard for customers to use the store and place an order. If they return from elsewhere to make a purchase Amazon Stores may not be able to identify them as the same customer and attribute a sale.

Amazon Stores do not control this experience. To improve it, 3rd party apps will need to support sending customers to the Amazon shopping app or to the native browser app on a mobile device when customers navigate from the app to an Amazon store.