Metrics and traffic sources

Stores insights provides information about your store's performance, including traffic and sales. You can access Stores insights from the Stores builder, or from the Stores main page.

Stores metrics

Stores insights provides the following metrics:

Metric Definition Available from
Visitors * Total visitors to your store within the selected date range. Calculated based on daily unique users or devices. A unique visitor can visit more than one page and can visit from more than one traffic source. For this reason, the total visitors by page or source may sum up to a value larger than the total visitors by day to the store or to the page. August 30th, 2017
Visits * Total visitors who arrived from a traffic source or visited a page within a single day. A visitor can visit from more than one traffic source and visit more than one page. May 30th, 2018
Views * Number of page views August 30th, 2017
Views/Visitor Average number of page views per visitor August 30th, 2017
Views/Visit Average number of page views per visit May 30th, 2018
Sales Estimated total sales generated by store visitors within 14 days of their last visit. December 25th, 2017
Units sold Estimated units purchased by store visitors within 14 days of their last visit. December 25th, 2017
Orders Estimated total orders placed by store visitors within 14 days of their visit. Orders contain one or more units sold. April 15th, 2018
Units/Order Average units per order April 15th, 2018
Sales/Order Average sales per order April 15th,2018
Sales/Visitor Average sales per visitor December 25th, 2017
Sales/Visit Average sales per visit May 30th, 2018

* Metric updates

On July 8th, 2018, we released a change that provides more accurate traffic data in Stores Insights.

Previously, page previews and caching requests from certain websites and apps were being counted in Insights traffic metrics. This is no longer the case.

Due to this change, some Stores may see a decrease in reported traffic metrics when compared to prior dates.

Metrics are available by the following dimensions:

Dimension Definition Available from
Date Date of the visitor’s visit. August 30th, 2017
Page The store page by name. Data for deleted pages, if such exists, is aggregated as “deleted page”. August 30th, 2017
Traffic source The traffic source from which the visitor arrived to the store. December 25th, 2017

Traffic sources

Stores insights provides a breakdown of metrics by traffic source. We categorize traffic sources as follows:

Traffic source Definition Available from
Amazon Sponsored Brands Traffic from Sponsored Brands ads on Amazon. December 25th, 2017
Amazon organic traffic Traffic originating from your brand link on Amazon product detail pages. December 25th, 2017
Your tags Traffic originating from your store's source tags. Learn more. December 25th, 2017
Other sources All other traffic sources not categorized. December 25th, 2017